Indur.inBharatiya Mobile (Trace Phone Number)
This page allows you to search for land & mobile number details of 70+ million people in India. Using this website you can get the location & details of a phone number with name and address (if/when available). Type the mobile number and we will locate it with details such as the City, Mobile Operator, and Telecom Circle.

Trace Phone Numbers, Mobile Numbers & Landline/STD Numbers.

Find whether its a Mobile/Landline number. Trace location and address of a landline number (soon).

Useful Notes

The name of service provider for a few phone numbers may be incorrect due to the launch of mobile number portability service.

What is the Purpose of this website?
The purpose is not to violate any person's privacy. Absolutely not. The purpose is two fold. First, it is to give you an overall idea about where a given number is located. This allows you to know how you will be charged at the time of billing, if you make a call to that number. Secondly, knowing additional information such as the city/state, carrier, network etc. could jog your memory and help you recall the person associated with the phone number.

Could you please talk about Privacy Laws in India?
we cannot, because this is not a legal advise website. Having said that... it is our belief that publishing the exact name and address details of a mobile number is a crime in India. It is against the privacy laws. Land lines almost always associated with private residencess or businesses, where as Mobile is very personal.

It is an emergency for me to find the name and address associated with a phone number. What should I do?
No matter what any website claims on the internet, you can only know 'where' the call is made from and not 'who' the caller is. Only the mobile operator can tell you 'who' the caller is. Unfortunately in India, there is no such paid service that gives you more accurate details about the caller. So, if you are in an emergency and need to find out the actual person behind the call, it is recommended that you file a complaint and take the help of law enforcement agencies such as the Police.

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